1. 850 whp Built motor twin turbo Duramax
    850 whp Built motor twin turbo Duramax
    With this duramax we built a 850 hp street truck that is a daily driver monster. The truck featured a built short block with Manley rods, clevite bearings through out the motor, mahle race cast pistons std bore, arp main studs, arp rod bolts, arp 625 head studs, stage keyed 1 street cam, keyed crankshaft, merchant chromoly push rods, merchant motor mounts, hamilton valve springs, 60% exergy injectors, ppe twin cp3 kit, a fully built allison transmission by our local shop builder, pusher intakes s480/stock twin turbo kit, truck made 850 whp on the dyno and ran consistent 11 second 1/4 mile passes.
  2. 730 whp 6.7 cummins street truck
    730 whp 6.7 cummins street truck
    On this truck we did a fully built 6.7l cummins that featured CPP hardened 12v rods, arp head/main/and rod bolts, mahle pistons, clevite H series bearings, Head had hamilton valve springs, Hamilton push rods, 625 head studs, 150hp industrial injection nozzles, 30% industrial injection cp3, custom equal length header with a cast 467.7/83/.90 borgwarner turbo, and a sun coast mega comp 68rfe. Truck made 730whp on the dyno.
  3. 950 whp 5.9 cummins street truck
    950 whp 5.9 cummins street truck
    This cummins is our shop truck, a daily driven monster that makes around 950hp to the back tires. The truck features hamilton valve springs, push rods, and light weight retainers. Arp 625 head studs, stainless diesel manifold and a forced inductions billet 6 blade s475/87/.90 turbocharger, truck has 100% over stock exergy injectors, 85% II cp3 over a stock cp3 using a ppe twin cp3 kit. This truck also has a full billet transmission from our local transmission shop builder.