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We offer you the best products in the diesel industry at some of the most competitive prices on the market! Call/text/email us for any pricing or informtation on any diesel products you can imagine. Thanks for checking out our website!! -TDD crew                       

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  1. Managing Director
    We are a dealer for danville performance vgt turbos, Borg-Warner, and bullseye power turbochargers. You name it we can help you make it happen!!
  2. Managing Director
    We have a local transmission builder that can build u any transmission to suit your needs! stock to 1000hp rated transmissions with a real warranty!! We can also supply you with any transmission part you can imagine. Give us a call!
  3. Managing Director
    With out in house efi live tuning software we can flash your truck with just about any tuner you can imagine. (PPEI, Calibrated power solutions, Danville Performance, Hardway performance, Innovative diesel, ETC..) We can also hook you up with any other tuning help that you may need. Prices on tunes, autocals, And dsp5 switches.
  4. Managing Director
    From injectors to cp3 pumps we can hook you up with the best in the business, Exergy Performance!! give us a call and let us help you!!